General Presentation

We are men and women of all nationalities: Congolese, French, Belgian, Australian, South African, Canadian, in short, from all over the world, coming together to work on a joint cause and projects to improve the living conditions of the Congolese people. Ours is a not-for-profit organisation (ASBL) divided for administrative purposes into two branches: a Congolese branch called "FONDAKA ASBL", governed by Congolese law, and a French branch called "FONDAKA/ France", governed by French law.

Work - Education - Healthcare - Development

Why the « KALUMBA» Foundation ?

We owe this initiative to Norbert KALUMBA MPYANA TSHITE (1931-2008) who, further to political and military problems ensuing from the independence of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the 1960s, had already demonstrated his commitment via extraordinary work for rural people in MANIEMA, North KATANGA and KASAI.

Mr KALUMBA conducted several volunteer initiatives, especially in farming and healthcare, forming a farmers' cooperative to work a huge palm grove in LUBUNDA and setting up dispensaries for practically free healthcare as an emergency measure for these people who had been abandoned.

In 2007, i.e. 40 years later, and against a very similar disastrous backdrop in the wake of armed conflict in the same region, men and women of all backgrounds met on 10 August in KINSHASA in DRC, then on 20 August 2007 in Lille, France and decided to pool their energy within a FOUNDATION, to extend Mr KALUMBA's life-saving initiatives in a better organised way.

He was the initiator of our association which is quite naturally named after him (KALUMBA foundation).

Our Remit

Faced with the limits and shortcoming of the Congolese state with respect to providing the people with basic welfare services, our association intends to make a contribution, however modest, to improving the conditions of vulnerable people.Our remit is thus to support these people in their fight for survival, with a special focus on healthcare, education, agriculture, IT and the empowerment of women, children and families.

Our Resources

Our first resource is undeniably our determination and commitment, as unswerving volunteers for the humanitarian cause. However, looking beyond our determination, our resources come from membership fees, donations and inheritances from willing people interested in humanitarian causes.